CFD- What’s that?

CFD ( Computational Fluid Dynamics) is a very new branch of fluid mechanics. 

It’s based on numerical analysis for fluids flow. 

CFD might be considered as virtual laboratory which gives you an opportunity to test, optimize and make project more efficient. CFD reproduce real aerodynamics conditions, just like in aerodynamic tunnel with only this exception that all test are done in the memory of computer. The main result of that type of analysis are data describing fluid flow, such as velocity field, temperature field. There are many advantage for CFD comparing physical test. Numerical process is not limited by measuring points or cameras which record physical process during test procedure. It means that you can “look inside” the process, observe and measure physical parameters in every point of fluid flow.

Because of that you can test plenty of different variations without cost-consuming real models, materials and so on… Let’s imagine that you have ten different concepts of your projects and you’re interested in to explore only one of them which is the most desirable for you. There’s no problem for CFD! In real physical analysis you are forced to prepare prototype of product, find proper laboratory and pay for many hours of tests and working hours for high class of specialists. For CFD analysis all you need to have is CAD model for your project and our knowledge combined. We can analyse your concepts in parallel and after finished you can choose what to do next. 

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