ParaView- Parallel Visualization Application is very specific and advanced tool which can help with graphical visualization and post processing all data comming from other source, such as OpenFoam for example. ParaView is common and free software and it very often goes with OpenFoam to give you possibility to present results of numerical analysis in 3D environment. The main platform for ParaView could be iOS or Windows or even Linux and it was programmed on C# bases, Fortran and Python as well.

ParaView has been designed of analyzing large data sets using decentralized computing resources of computer/cluster memory. It is very flexible so it can be used to analyse large-scale projects  ( such as petabytes) as well as small projects (carried out on portable computers)

Now for over decade ParaView become a inherent toll goes with OpenFoam, wide-spread on univerities, scientists institutes and industry also for all over the world.

ParaView could be found in variety of different analysis type- for example :

  • weather forecasts,
  • climate modelling,
  • clouds simulations,
  • flame distribution modelling,
  • CFD simulations, 
  • aviation industry,
  • astrophisics
  • for applied engineering at the end…

Here you can find some pictures made by ParaView below: 

Those photos come from:


Climate modelling

Cross wind fire simulation

The Supernova

We all know how important is the professional visualization of the numerical data obtained from the calculations, giving a full understanding of the subject and a pictorial representation of the most important issues of the project. This visualization is not always graphs and data but pictures very often which can be analyse by people who are not specialist in some field.

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