What we do best

You can have your own virtual laboratory for your process or product to explore thousends of different cases and solutions before you accept it or produce.  

Through the optimization steps you can make you designing process much shorter and efficient.

Different type of analisys

Concerning your request we can offer:

-flow calculations inside rotor machines,

-calculations for internal flows,

-calculations for external flows,

-heat transfer calculations, 

-calculations for turbulent flows,

-multiphases flow calculations and many others often encountered in building industry, power plants and automotive, aviation industry ect.


Trainings and OpenFoam implementation to your field

Other way to develop your company is to implement OpenFoam as main solver tailored to you!
Our speciallist can give you a hand with:
– trainings for new OpenFoam users,
– OpenFoam solver customized to meet your needs
– OpenFoam implementation to your company together with device consulting ( installation, configuration and so on)

Feel free to contact us using contact form, mail or other.

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